What is Avec and How Does it Work



What is Avec and How Does it Work

What is Avec?

Introducing Avec, the brand new way to date. Originating from the French word “avec,” meaning “with,” Avec is the newest app to enter the online dating scene.

Been there, done that you say? We’re pretty sure you haven’t! This app is nothing like your typical dating app. Avec takes dating to new heights. From romantic bike rides in Central Park to sunset dinners at the Empire State Building, Avec lets you decide what you want to do, when you want to do it. Say goodbye to the days of taking selfies just to land a swipe right on your profile! Avec allows individuals to find dates based on common interests and not just overly-filtered selfies!

Avec was created to try to break through the shallow online dating scene where a photo was the primary basis for determining if you’re worthy of receiving a message. Avec brings dating to a whole new level and proves that you can find real connections based on mutual interests and not just pictures alone.

Benefit of Use Avec

Ever have an event you’ve been dying to attend but no one to attend it with? From your cousin Stacey’s wedding to a Fall Out Boy concert, the opening of a brand new restaurant to an NBA playoff game – Avec understands your pain. FOMO is a real thing and when all your friends are busy or coupled up, attending events alone can be a major let down. Things are more fun when you have someone to share the laughs with.

That’s where Avec comes in.

Avec lets you find someone to attend these events that you’ve been dying to see! Has your plus one canceled at the last minute? Not a problem! Avec helps you fill that empty seat and is a personal matchmaker in the palm of your hands. Why skip out on an event you’ve been looking forward to for months? With Avec you don’t have to worry about missing out on the things you enjoy or worry about going alone. Ever. Again.

How Does It Work?

Sound too good to be true? We’ve got even better news. It’s absolutely free! Simply download the app from the app store. Set up your profile, and browse through a list of events in your area. Don’t see anything you like? Post an event yourself and wait for the requests to roll in! Say goodbye to Friday nights spent at home alone and say hello to opportunity! Whether you are new to the city, looking for friendship, or looking to spark a new romantic connection, Avec has got you covered.

Not ready to date just yet? If you’re not particularly looking for romance, Avec also has an Activity Partner Option that helps users find a new friend or just someone to accompany them to a fun event.

How To Set Up Your Profile:

Setting up your profile is as easy as 1, 2, 3. See for yourself:


So now are you ready to find your perfect match? Download Avec for free on iOS today!