Dinner and a movie? A bit vague. What about dinner at your mutually favorite restaurant and a new documentary you both actually want to see? This date is sounding better already.

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Chicago cyclists have a tradition they call the “L.A.T.E. Ride”—a 1 a.m. critical mass that sees thousands of locals riding 25 miles across downtown Chicago. I have my own tradition that same night, which I call “hiring a rickshaw driver to follow the mass while I sit in the back drinking a bottle of wine.”

The first couple times I did this, I invited a date along for the ride, and we had a blast. The third year, my date canceled that morning. When I realized I didn’t want to scrap the whole plan, a thought occurred to me: I bet dozens of women in Chicago would think this was a fun date. But, of course, I had no way of finding one. So I went alone.

That wasn’t the only time I’ve been alone in a crowd. I enjoy company wherever I go—to concerts, the theater, high-end restaurants—so I always grab two tickets, two reservations, two of anything. But I can’t always fill the extra seat, which means I sometimes have to give up the tickets, or—like that night in the rickshaw—go stag.

That’s why I developed Avec.

There’s no reason, in the Internet age, that anyone should have to go out alone. It’s easier than ever to find people who share your interests—Avec takes that idea one step further, helping any single person who’s sick of gambling on dating apps that promise happiness based on a selfie. Avec fixes that problem, offering matches with whom you’re guaranteed to have something in common.

That means no more first dates spent struggling to find conversation, and definitely no more nights gone stag. With Avec, you never have to go alone again.


From Middle French avec, avecques ‎(“with”), First used as a replacement for Latin cum ‎(“with”).


Medical abbreviations: (c with a bar over it) with (from Latin cum) means “with”

Rhett Silver, MD

Rhett Silver, MD, is an adventurer in every sense of the word. When he’s not running with the bulls in Spain, diving deep into the Great Barrier Reef, competing in the Great Wall of China marathon, or snowboarding from a helicopter in Chile, he travels across the United States as an emergency medicine physician. He lives in New York City, which means New Yorkers shouldn’t be surprised when his profile pops up on Avec. (Take note, ladies. He’s a doctor.)

Avec, the Experiential Dating App, Launches for iOS

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New dating app connects users based on interests instead of looks


New Dating App Avec Makes Matches Based on Common Interests

Broker Newswire

New Dating App Avec Makes Matches Based on Common Interests

Broker Newswire

Speed Dating and Wine Tasting Event {2/11 at Grand Vin in Hoboken}

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Want FREE Wine Tasting tickets? Thursday, April 27 at 8pm, celebrate the launch of the new NYC based dating app, Avec!


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Rhett Silver, MD

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