How to Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out



How to Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

Haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to relationships? Well, you’re not alone! If you’re tired of being single and are looking to enter the dating scene, you may have decided to create an online dating profile. After all, what better way is there to meet people from all over town than online? You don’t need destiny or luck to meet “the one” anymore, you just need a fantastic dating profile! We’ve got the perfect tips to make your dating profile stand out from the rest.

  1. Pay attention to where you are facing in the pictures you post. Studies show that women are more likely to be noticed if they are looking away from the camera and men are more likely to get a match if they are looking directly into the camera. Interesting how one minor detail can up your online dating game!
  2. Proofread your bio to eliminate grammatical errors. The difference between “you’re” and “your” can go a long way in finding your soulmate online. People tend to respond more to profiles with excellent grammar, so get your autocorrect on!
  3. Showcase your hobbies in your pictures. People want to see more than just how good looking you are. Do you like traveling, swimming, or perhaps bungee jumping? Prove it through your pictures and watch the matches roll in.
  4. Be honest. Whether your profile mentions your age, beliefs, or even your intentions about online dating, make sure you’re being honest. Nobody likes a liar and you’re more likely to find someone that’s right for you if you’re honest from the start!
  5. Create a unique username. Most people choose a traditional username such as their first and last name. However, it is best to use this opportunity to showcase your personality. Who knew that your username would play a role in bringing you matches?
  6. Ladies, wear red in your pictures. Studies show that women’s profiles get more attention if they are wearing red. Don’t question it, just put on your best red outfit and get snapping!
  7. Witty captions can go a long way. This is where you can show your personality and capture people’s attention. Get creative and make people laugh!

Download Avec to get started on your online dating profile. Follow the tips above and get dating!