Why Avec is Better Than Other Dating Apps



Why Avec is Better Than Other Dating Apps

In a world filled with online dating apps infiltrating the App Store, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you. Some people may have told you why they think one app is better than others, but realistically there are solid reasons to solidify why Avec is the superior app.

Some apps are solely used for selection based on selfies while other apps require you to create a profile with your age, sex, location, and answer a detailed questionnaire. There are others that have given the ladies the opportunity to make the first move and speak to their matches first. There are also some that the goal is for the users to make real connections. These apps focus on an end goal of a more serious relationship with a happy ending.

Avec is all about experiential dating. This means that you match with people based on mutual interest in an event, and not on just selfies.

How Does it Work?

Wondering how Avec works? It’s easy! Begin by inputting your contact information, attach a few nice photos of yourself, and fill out some basic information and lifestyle interests. Once you’ve verified your account, you’re ready to start posting and browsing through fun dates.

Why Avec?

Unlike other apps, the great part about Avec is that you can customize your user experience by inputting your dating preferences, such interests, appearance, gender, and more. Then, you can choose the type of date you’d like to go on with your preferred candidates.

Did we forget to mention, Avec isn’t just for dating? You can make new friends to go out and do fun activities with! No more going to your favorite places alone or getting fed up with friends who always flake. Find yourself a great match to enjoy an activity with you! Go to concerts, festivals, movies, hiking… anything that your heart desires. That’s what makes Avec unique. Spark a romance or find a life-long friend. Either way, now you both can enjoy the experience because it’s something you’re both interested in How cool Is that? No other dating app gives you the option to choose the date night event.

So what are you waiting for? Try Avec for FREE today! Download the app for iOS here.